Wednesday, 10 April 2013

National mourning

No, all taxpayers should not have been forced to pay their contribution to Thatcher's funeral, not morally nor financially. Those who think it is appropriate to pay respects should pay the rest of us respect, too. We are mourning, too, not her, but our "lost country, bought and sold", a collective soul murdered by the State, too blinded by greed to see the price of gold, in her name. Nothing could be more provocative or than the penalty of paying for this embarrassing ceremonial, confounding transient political personality with lasting national identity, when so many people are living on "the wine of desolation".
There is no point ranting further here, I'm just registering my own silent scream, hoping that all the screams and laments will rage like a torrent on the heads of colluders and collaborators, drowning out their funeral orations and that the only music heard will be the sound of Drake's drum calling sleeping Britain to arms, not against a foreign enemy, but the one within. Let all divisive politicians have unmarked graves. Let us shake our chains till tyrants quake with fear. Come, poets like Shelley, come Danny Boyle, give us the anti-Masque to this "ghastly masquerade".

(Every quote from Shelley's The Mask of Anarchy, 1819 - proving yet again that under different clothes and names, the nature of tyranny does not change.)