Thursday, 15 November 2012

Special Guest Post: LUCIA BY SARAH

Reblogged from Sarah Vernon's First Night Design, here is an intimate portrait of a long dead woman, one of those ancestresses too well-brought up to divulge any secrets about themselves, who are only deciphered a hundred years later through a mixture of research and intuition. Sarah's post reveals just as much about her own and her mother's imaginative writing talent as it does about her clever, amused, inscrutable-looking great-grandmother Lucia:

My Great-Grandmother Lucia by Sarah Vernon

My great-grandmother, Lucia, was a gently beautiful woman.  I have late Victorian photographs to show me just how charming she was to look at and last week I created an image with her as the centrepiece.  This particular photograph (below), which admittedly stands on its own, was exquisitely hand-tinted.
Image © Sarah Vernon
Being me, however, I wanted to embellish it!  I used my own textures and backgrounds alongside one from The Graphics Fairy and one from Deviant Art.
Lucia died in 1906 when she was in her 40s. There is some mystery about how she died....
My mother used to imagine that Lucia had had a riding accident since she found the idea so romantic....Read Full Post

All images © Sarah Vernon

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