Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Feasting during austerity

I don’t think the case of the unpaid security staff abandoned under London Bridge for a couple of hours during the ludicrous excesses of the Jubilee (from which the “humbled” Queen herself....
...felt obliged to disassociate herself) is a one-off, as the rich incumbents of  Downing Street and the rest of spin city would like us to believe. It’s more likely to be typical of the kind of tyrannical exploitation and contempt being shown the long-term unemployed and professional self-employed during this euphemistically termed austerity.

If you are desperate for experience and cash you will be ripe for picking, as I was when I was abandoned in Chatham at two in the morning by a film company. Irrelevant that I’d been told that the latest we would be working would be 11pm; it was my problem to get back home, even if it cost more than my fee; my problem if didn’t make more of a fuss because I want to get more work from them again.

Therefore it is hypocritical of me, born stroppily blowing the whistle out of tune, to oppose any moves to make sacking staff easier for bosses; but that’s where traditional middle-class leadership of rebellion and revolution comes in. My post ends with a raspberry and it’s over to the intellectual and liberal bourgeoisie, with nothing to lose on or offline, to save the poor from destitution and all of us from moral degradation by knee-jerk capitalism without a conscience.